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Troubleshooting Vape Problems: Darkening Liquids

In this series of articles, we are going to explore some of the common problems that people experience when they vape. We are going to provide you with a number of potential causes and their solutions.


In this article, we are going to explore the darkening of e liquids. This can happen for a variety of reasons, all benign, but can alter the taste of the liquid. Below, you will find a number of potential solutions for this issue.


Solution 1: Storing Your Juices Correctly


The commonest reason for your juices to darken is simply that you are not storing them correctly. You need to keep them in a specific environment if you want to preserve them in their original condition for as long as possible.


Here are a few tips for storing your juices:


  1. Keep them away from sources of heat
  2. Keep them away from sources of light
  3. Keep them away from sources of damp


Even when you're transporting your juices from the shop to your home, you should follow this advice. For instance, never leave your juices in a hot car.


Solution 2: The Coils Need Replacing


When your coils need replacing, they can begin to burn out. This oxidisation then affects the colour of the juice and it can transform it from clear to murky brown. To minimise the risks, make sure that you change your coils regularly and use a high quality coil, such as HorizonTech vape coils.


Solution 3: You Are Overheating Your Juices


If you are using a powerful vape device, then you might inadvertently over heat your juices when you vape. This can happen because the residual heat from the device continues to effectively “cook” the juice once you have finished heating it up.


Overtime, if you turn the heat up too high, it will change the juice and the colour will begin to darken. It can even begin to take on a syrup-like quality. Not only does this look bad, but it can also clog your device and it won’t taste particularly nice either.


You can also overheat your juices if your coils are too large or powerful for the device. For example, using the low resistant HorizonTech vape coils in a normal vape device can result in overheating. You need to match the coils to the device, so in this case, you would need to vape using a sub ohm device, or your juices can turn.


Solution 4: You Aren’t Using the Correct Liquid


Finally, you need to ensure that you're using the correct liquid for the device with which you are vaping. Sub ohm devices, for instance, are intended for use with the higher VG juices because the devices and juices work together to create large vapour clouds. If you are not using a high VG juice in your sub ohm device, it is much more likely to negatively affect the juices.


We hope that you have found this article useful and that you now have a good idea how to minimise the damage that vaping can inadvertently cause to the vape juice.

Tips To Help the Transition from Smoking to Vaping Easier

Have you decided that it's time to quit smoking and start vaping instead? If you have, this is great news. Vaping is far safer than smoking is, and we're not just saying that, this is the finding by Public Health England too. 


Swapping smoking for vaping is easy for many people, but for some people it's a struggle. This is especially the case if the person has been smoking a long time. They feel as if vaping just isn't the same and they choose to smoke instead. This it isn't good because smoking is much more likely to cause health problems than vaping is.


Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help make that transition a little bit easier and more likely to succeed. Read on to find our recommendations...



Tip 1:  Manage your expectations properly

One of the key reasons that people find it difficult to swap habits is that they assume that both habits are identical. If you start vaping because you think it is going to be the same as smoking and then you're likely to feel disappointed and will return to smoking.


Smoking and vaping are not identical. They are very similar, but it is not the same. 


Understanding this can go a long way in to ensure that you do actually quit smoking for good. The disappointment makes people go back. Vaping isn't disappointing as long as you understand that it will not feel the same as smoking. You will still get your nicotine addiction satisfied, you can still get a decent throat hit, but it is not identical.


Tip 2:  Buy the right device

There are many different vape devices, and for someone who's recently given up smoking, some devices are going to be better than other are. In particular, the vape pens are the best choice for people quitting smoking.



If you're looking to give up smoking, then buy a vape pen and ignore the other devices, such as the sub-ohm devices or the mouth to lung devices. You can get on to them later in your habit, but for now, mimicking smoking as much as possible will help you to quit once and for all.


Tip 3: Get the nicotine levels right

Often, the main reason why you crave cigarettes when your vaping is that you aren't vaping as much nicotine as you need. It's your body telling you that you need nicotine and thinking that the only way to get that is through tobacco.


If you find you're always craving nicotine, then up the amount of nicotine in your juice. You should choose a juice such as Team 120 liquid, which allows you to add nicotine shots. This will enable you to tailor you're nicotine much more closely to your own habit. It allows you to customise your nicotine levels to suit your nicotine addiction.


We hope that you have found these tips useful. Giving up smoking is one of the best things that you can do and if you need to use vape to help you, that is fine.

The Effect Of The Vape On The Mouth And How You Can Avoid Problems

When it comes to vaping, it is fair to say that, as a habit, it is much safer than smoking is. If you smoke, and you're looking for healthier alternative, then vaping is a good thing.


Vape contains far fewer carcinogens than cigarettes and other tobacco products do.  In fact, vaping contains no known carcinogens compared to tobacco, which contains more than 700. That should clue you in a little bit as to the seriousness of smoking and the reason why vaping is so much better for you.


Now, because vaping is much safer than smoking, this leads some people to assume that vaping is entirely free of problems. However, this is not strictly the case.  Vaping does have side effects for some people and these clearly need resolving if you want to take up vaping.


The biggest issue that people have with their vape is that it can cause problems in the mouth. In particular, it can cause dry mouth.  Dry mouth can cause a whole host of problems. It is the same issue as being overly dehydrated.


Now it doesn't matter what juicy vape, whether you vape a high VG juice, such as the 100% VG juice, or a medium PG:VG juice, such as Dinner Lady E Liquidor a high PG juice. It is the act of vaping that leads to dry mouth, rather than the actual juice itself.


Some people may feel as if a particular juice is drying on their mouths. For example, some people find that lemon flavours have a sort of drying effect. Is probably something to do with the citrus/bitterness that gives the impression that it's absorbing more water and it is. This generally isn't the case, although everyone is different and it could be the case in some situations.


If you think that your dry mouth is caused by your juice, then try swapping juices just to see. It's unlikely to make a difference, but it can do under certain circumstances.



Why is it important to get rid of dry mouth?

A dehydrated mouth can cause many problems. Here are a list of the top causes of concern for  dry mouth:


  • Dry mouth can cause bad breath
  • Dry mouth can cause cavities because it  provides a breeding ground for plaque
  • Dry mouth can cause sore  and scallops tongues,  including ulcers
  • Dry mouth can lead to receding gum lines over time


Clearly, these issues can be quite significant over time. Receding gums, if left too long, can lead to the need for tooth extraction. That's both expensive and many people find it embarrassing too. Bad breath is also embarrassing.


The simple solution is clearly to make sure that you stay hydrated when vaping.  Make sure that you carry a water bottle around with you and that you take regular Sips. Chewing gum can also help to minimise the risk of cavities and keep your mouth hydrated. There are also special rehydration treatments for dry mouth, such as Xylimelts.  Xylimelts are very popular with vapours because they are so good at rehydrating you.

A Noobs Guide to Buying Vape Juices as an Ex-Smoker

If you're new to vaping and feel confused when it comes to buying vape juices, don’t worry. It’s very common and it’s an easy issue to address. You can address it right now, in fact, by reading this article. I hope you find it useful. It’s full of helpful tips and advice that I wish I’d learned when I first started vaping.


Back then, though, it wasn’t as popular and there wasn’t as much information about it. You're lucky to be a noob now and not a noob when vape was noob…mmm, I’m not sure about using the word “noob” now. Ah well, the advice is the same regardless of how it’s delivered, so here goes!


Advice Specifically for People Giving Up Smoking:

If you're vaping as a way to give up smoking, then there’s a few specific tips and advice that you need to know:


  1. How nicotine content matches up with cigarette use

Right, so with cigarettes, you will smoke a set amount a day to deliver you a certain level of nicotine. Translating this nicotine usage to vape juice is not always easy because they aren’t directly comparable. A single cigarette contains around 12mg. Juices rate their nicotine content by mg per ml.


In order to get the effect of a single cigarette, you need to vape 1ml of vape juice at 12mg of nicotine, 2ml of vape juice at 6mg of nicotine, or around .33ml of nicotine for 18mg of nicotine. Think about how long it takes you to get bored of your vape – one puff, ten puffs, 20 puffs, etc. and then work out how much vape it takes for you to reach that number of puffs. This will tell you how much nicotine you need.  


A simple rule of thumb is that if you feel the need to smoke while vaping, it’s normally because you're not getting enough nicotine and you should choose a juice with more. The vape shop in the UK will sell juices with a maximum nicotine content of 20mg per ml. this is more than enough for all but the most hardened of smokers (literally, 60+ cigarettes a day smokers).


  1. The taste of the juices

If you're looking to match the taste of your juices to the taste of your cigarettes, then the best option is clearly tobacco flavour. Try different brands of juice, because they all taste slightly different, but you should be able to find one that you like. People also enjoy menthol flavour juices as ex-smokers. They feel that it gives them a good throat hit.



  1. the Throat hit

Speaking of throat hit, this is something that you're probably interested in getting right. Most ex-smokers want a harsh vape hit. To get this, use a high propylene glycol juice, menthol or tobacco flavours (menthol is harsher on the throat), a sub ohm device, and high power. This will give you the strongest hit, and that should be enough to get the hit right. The vape shop can help you to tweak your device and juices to increase the throat hit. Just head to your nearest shop and they should be more than happy to help.

Are you interested in buying new juices? If you are, please visit https://thevapeshops.uk/.

Vape: How to Make the Habit as Safe As Possible

When compared to smoking, vaping is much safer. Given that most people start vaping as a means to give up smoking, they are already increasing the amount of safety in their lives. However, this doesn't mean that they should be frivolous with vape.


It’s important that you understand how to keep yourself safe while vaping. This is what we are going to teach you during the course of this article.


  1. Don’t Vape Under Age

In the UK, there are strict rules and regulations governing the sale of vape. One of these rules is that it’s illegal for retailers to sell vape juice and equipment to people under the age of 18.


Whilst the under 18s might find this annoying, it is in their best interest. We do not know the full long-term consequences of vape and we do not know how it affects a growing body. For this reason, it is safer to refrain until you reach age.


Not only this, but if the retailers are caught selling to under 18s, they can get in serious trouble and potentially put out of business.


  1. Shop with a UK-based Retailer

As mentioned above, the vape industry in the UK is heavily regulated. This means that the juices and equipment sold in the UK must adhere to stringent health and safety regulations in order to be safe for sale to the public.


By shopping with a UK-based retailer or manufacturer, such as the vape store Kent, you help to ensure that the juices you vape are safe and have passed the tests that make them safe for human consumption. Any retailer or manufacturer that does not carry our safety tests is operating illegally if they're selling products in the UK.


Make sure that the company is in the UK and that it is registered in the UK too.


  1. Look after your Battery

One area of safety that is often overlooked by vapers is their battery safety. Again, this is regulated in the UK, so buying your devices from a UK shop, such as the vape store Kent, is a way to ensure safety.


However, you will also need to carry our regular checks on your batteries long term. Once a month, look at the battery in the device. Make sure that the wrap is intact has not undergone any significant deterioration. If there are any leaks in the battery, you need to dispose of it safely (take it to your local tip – do NOT throw it in your bin; it could catch fire).


  1. Vape Safe Amounts of Nicotine

In the UK, it’s illegal for retailers to sell juices with a greater concentration of nicotine than 20mg per 1mg of juice. However, some people choose to add their own nicotine. IF you do, DO NOT exceed 20mg/1mg. Nicotine is a potent stimulant and it can have serious consequences if you vape too much.




We hope that you bear these tips in mind when you vape. They will genuinely help to keep you safe.


If you are interested in buying a new juice or vape equipment, please visit https://thevapeshops.uk/location/dartford-branch/.

What Are Some Vape Shop Green Flags?

We all know what a red flag is, it's a sign that something is likely to turn out badly. It did you know that there is also such a thing as a green flag? It is used to signify that things are likely to turn out good.  Today, we are going to look at some of the green flags that tell you you’re shopping with a decent vape shop.


If you live in the UK, you will be more than aware of just how many vape shops there are nowadays. I doubt there's a town in England that doesn't have at least one or two vape shops somewhere.  I live in a city, and there are three or four within a 5 minute walk!


Because of the vast number of shops, you can reasonably assume that some of them are going to be better than others are. It's important for you to discover the good shops, because you will get more out of them.  This is why I have written this article. I am going to look at the Green flags that tell you you’re shopping with a decent vape shop.


They don't make you feel intimidated

Vaping is extremely popular. Millions of people vape every day. However, it is associated with a certain demographic: the vape Bros.  These people have brought an elitism to vaping. They make you feel intimidated and as if you don't belong. You can find these people in some of the vape shops in the UK. As soon as you walk in, you'll get the feeling that they think they're better than you are and they behave that way too.


If you walk in a shop, and the people are acting as if they're too cool to talk to you, that is a very bad sign. You don't want to visit a shop like that. I would just turn around and walk away. There are definitely some decent shops out there we don't have to put up with that sort of nonsense.


They have a good amount of knowledge

One of the reasons that I like to visit my local vape shop Kent is that they always have a fantastic amount of knowledge about any of the issues that I have around face. I might look online for information, but become confused by the conflicting arguments and masses of information that doesn't particularly make sense. By visiting vape shop, I can usually find an answer to my question there. Is very rare that they can't answer my queries or find a solution to whatever problem I'm experiencing at the moment.


They have a great range of products

Finally, a decent vape shop should have a decent amount of products. Even the more unusual products, such as the AI85 kit and, if they don't have a particular product, they definitely know where to source it. 


 Look out for these signs when you next visit over vape shop, and you'll see that they correspond with how comfortable you feel in the shop. 


Are you interested in buying new vape equipment for juices? If you are, please visit https://thevapeshops.uk/ https://thevapeshops.uk/product/smok-al85-kit/.


For the uninitiated, cloud chasing does not have anything to do with those fluffy white things in the sky. It’s an activity that some people that vape like to do.


By having a high VG rate in an e-juice, it’s possible to breathe out some large impressive cloud vapor. There is one of those new vape shops near my home in Gravesend. I mentioned this to a work colleague and he tried to convince me of the myth that this place was named after the Great Plague.


I’ve heard the same untrue story about Mortlake in West London. Both places are erroneously tied to the Great Plague of 1665 and mass disposal of the one hundred or so thousand London dead.


It’s all untrue, as anyone can discover with just a little research on the internet. This led to some further research on strange place names. My favourite is a sandy point in the US that was a favourite holiday destination of Samuel Beckett; Point no Point.


It would be good to know that someone that has forced themselves off tobacco with all the health problems that can bring, and on to vaping, could be free to do so anywhere in the world.


But if you do vape and are going abroad on business or vacation, check the rules of that country before packing any vape gear.




I need to buy an extra supply of e-juice from the Dartford vape shop before a holiday week in Turkey as that country doesn’t ban vaping, it just makes it difficult to find the e-liquid.


On the other hand, you should certainly not consider packing your vape when going to Saudi Arabia.


Laws are constantly changing in all countries and it’s important to research the latest developments for any being visited. The problem all began because the WHO produced a report concluding the long-term results of vaping was unknown.


The other problem is that pure nicotine that has to be added to the juice, is a lethal poison in large doses.


Yesterday I was sitting outside my local pub enjoying a beer when I overheard two people at the next table talking about some problem with one of the vape devices they were both using.


There appeared to be something amiss with this part, said one. The other said he should take it back to the shop he had bought it from. Neither knew what the faulty part was called.


This got me thinking that vaping is such a new concept that even the users don’t know the names of all the parts. Furthermore, there seems to be many ways of calling the various contraptions and the juices.


Some call them vape juice and others may refer to them as e-juice. Anywhere in the world, in any language, the word cigarette is universally recognised. But if a vaping person wants a replacement vaping device, they’ll need to find a dictionary to translate.


Vaping has now been taken up by around three million people in the UK. It’s difficult to know the total number around the rest of the world. And to make matters worse, there are conflicting attitudes to this phenomenon with some countries imposing a total ban and some others having an ambivalent view.


Take turkey for instance, they allow visitors and locals to own a vape device, but it is extremely hard to find any e-juice supplies.


In the UK we have vape shops by the dozen in large cities. And every town in the country has at least one.




The vape shop Dartford in Kent where I live, is part of a much bigger group. Incidentally, any smoker thinking of giving up the tobacco and giving this source of nicotine a trial, is well advised to visit their local vape store for the full low-down on vaping.


A lot of information is easy to research on the internet but talking to a vape shop owner is even more informative. It also gives a prospective new vape person the chance to get close-up to all the various parts.


If you are a heavy smoker but you are concerned that you are damaging your health, it is far safer to switch to a vaping pen.


It is really difficult to go without nicotine if your body has been used to it for a long time and at least vaping will be able to give you the nicotine strength you have been used to.



If you should ask for advice from The Vape Shop Bexleyheath you will find that nicotine apart from being an addictive substance is not known to be harmful to the body. You will also find that you will be given invaluable advice on how to get started so you don’t make mistakes with your pen and e juices.


Although both vaping and smoking carry risks like everything else we do in life, vaping is way safer than tobacco. For a start liquids contain very few ingredients and those that are there pose very little risk to human life. The reason for that is that they have been approved to be added to foodstuffs and they are not known to be harmful to health.


Having said that, sensitive people have had allergic reactions to PG and if you are one of them you can get e juices without this ingredient in it or you could go for a low PG ratio. This ingredient will give you a throat hit which is similar to the one you experience if you inhale tobacco.  This substance will give you a better flavour experience.


VG on the other hand is a substance derived from vegetable matter. Apart from it being a natural ingredient, it is also safe to inhale for vegetarians. This particular substance will give you more cloud. It will give you a smoother vape, but since the liquid is thicker it is best used in sub ohm tanks.  


The reason for this is that it may in other vaping devices reduce the life of tanks and pens with smaller heating coils.

Advice to Help Make the Transition from Smoking to Vaping Easier

— feeling amazing

Four years ago, I couldn't imagine giving up smoking. Yeah, I knew it was bad for me, but in so many ways it was great for me too. Anyone who smokes knows how amazing it is. It took me awhile to realise that that amazing feeling is actually the addiction talking and not me.


I started to feel out of breath and unhealthy. Smoking started to become something that I didn't really feel comfortable doing. I knew it was bad for me, and I didn't want it to affect my life. I decided to put my health above my need to smoke and decided to vape instead. What you learn in this article are the things that helps me make the transition between both habits.


It isn't easy, but it's much easier than giving up cold turkey. Vaping is definitely the thing that I found most useful for giving up smoking, and I've been addicted to the nicotine gum, been on patches, and even taking that nasty anti-smoking pill.



If you don't get the nicotine level right with your juice, you aren't going to find it easy to transition


When I first started vaping, I was also craving cigarettes at the same time. Sometimes, I'd have a drag on my vape device, and then I'd go outside and have a cigarette - what's the point in that?


I realised overtime that it was because my vape juice didn't have enough nicotine in it. I was still craving a cigarette because I wasn't getting my nicotine needs met through the vape. For some reason, I didn't really think about how much nicotine there was in my vape juice. I thought they were all the same. They're not. I swapped my tame juice for some Monsta Vape and I didn't look back.


If you're still getting cravings when you vape, you have to look at how much nicotine you're taking in. Start with a higher nicotine juice, such as an 18 mg juice.


Get the flavour right


One thing that I love about dating is the massive choice of flavours that you have. I've tried them all and I love most of them. But, when I first started vaping, it didn't feel the same as smoking and I wanted it to taste similar. Initially, I chose tobacco flavoured juices and doing this really helped me to make the transition. 


Once Vaping becomes habitual to you, you'll want to change the flavours an experiment a little bit. It really is the best thing about Vaping. But initially you definitely need to go for the tobacco flavoured juices if you want it to me mimic smoking habit.


Get a throat hit by increasing the amount of PG your juices contain


One of my favourite things about smoking as the way it hits your throat. It has a nice harshness to it, which really satisfies your cravings.  Some of the juices, such as Monsta Vape, is way to gentle on the back of your throat and it doesn't feel much like smoking. It feels a little bit like smoking because you have the vapour going in, but it doesn't give you that harsh hit.


If you're missing the hit from your smoking, then you need to increase the amount of propylene glycol in your juices. This is the part of the juice that's responsible for the throat hit. The more PG there is, the harder the hit at the back of the throat and the most similar is the smoking.


If you want to give up smoking and take up vaping instead, then the advice given above will really help. It helped me for sure.


Are you interested in buying a new vape juice? If you are, please visit .


The Benefits of Getting To Know Your Local Vape Shop

Vaping has swiftly replaced smoking as a habit of choice. It's incredibly popular and it's growing all the time. If you fake, you'll probably want to get the most out of your habit. One of the best ways that you can do this is in getting to know your local vape shop. Today, we are going to look at the many benefits that you will receive by getting to know your local shop.


Vape shops are incredibly social places


It’s always good to have friends, and a vape shop can prove a great source of friendship. However, the social side of vaping isn't reduced just to friendship; there are many other benefits that come from the social side of Vaping. 


For example, by making friends with your local vape shop, you'll be able to pick their brains on various topics to do with vape. For instance, they'll be able to tell you which juices are more likely to match your tastes, or which devices will produce the outcome you want, whether that's huge planes of vapour or something else.



By making friends with these people, you'll find the answers.  This is especially true of places like the vape shop London, where they have high calibre staff.


Learning more about vape


Who better to learn from than those with experience? The people who work in a vape shop often have a lot of knowledge about all things to do with vape.


They can teach you about all the different devices and how they work. They will be able to tell you which coils will work best in your circumstances. They'll be able to tell you which juices you are more likely to use, as well as letting you try them out. Essentially, any questions that you have they will be able to answer. This means that they are an invaluable pool of information.


Get involved with special events


Many thanks Shops, especially a vape shop Londonwhere everything's busier, run special events for their customers. For example, it's quite common for vape shops to run cloud-chasing competitions. He's incredibly fun. It's all about who can blow the biggest vapour clouds and it takes a lot of effort and techniques to be able to blow fat clouds.


They also frequently run taster sessions. Either great forgetting to know all the different brands of juices out there.


If you don't get too low to know your local vape shop, cos you'll be missing many positive things to do with Vaping.  They are by far the best place to get to fellow vapers and to find out about new and upcoming changes in the vape industry. 


One of the best things that you can do for your vape habits to get to know your local shops. There really are many benefits and doing so, but you'll only find out by actually doing it.


 If you're interested in learning more about vape, please visit .



4 Things That Will Help You to Find the Best Vape Shop in Your Area

One of the best things that you can do as a vapour is find a decent vape shop. Vape shops have become part and parcel of the High Street in recent years. Finding the one that's right for you can be a bit of a challenge, but with the following information, you should find it much easier to discover those shops that will work best for you.



Is the shop based in the UK?


Clearly, if you are buying from a high street shop for, you are going to know that it is based in the UK. This part of the article refers to shops online. When you shop online, you must ensure that you are shopping with a UK based vape shop.


The reason why this is so important is that the UK has strict regulation in place concerning vape and fake paraphernalia. By insuring that you are shopping with a UK based store, you ensure that the shop has things in place that protect your safety. For example, their products have to be at least food grade for them to legally sell them.  The e-cig shop you choose must be UK based if you want to make sure that your safety is confirmed.


Read the reviews


It is important that you choose a shop that people have positive sentiments towards. You can discover if that is the case by reading the online review sites. A good vape shop should have some good reviews. You should expect if you think it's of reviews, because you can't please everyone. However, the majority of reviews should have a positive angle.


It's important that you read several different review sites, so that you can get a good understanding of the brand. Some reviews may well be fake, but by choosing multiple sources, you can help to ensure that you are getting an objective view.


How much attention do they pay to their product descriptions?


A good vape store will ensure that they provide adequate details in order for people to make up their own minds about whether a product is right for them. The more comprehensive product descriptions are, the easier you'll find it find products that you like.


Do a practice run


The only way to establish for sure that the company you are buying from is safe if you test them.  Buy a small product and see how good they are at providing you with information on that product.


For example, do they allow you to test the product beforehand? The e-cig shop should know that trial and error is the best way for a person to find the perfect devices and juices, and they should make allowances for you to be able to do this.


The advice outlined here will help you to find the best shop in your area from which to buy vape.


If you are interested in buying vape, please visit https://thevapeshops.uk/.


5 Great Tips To Help New Vapers Get The Most Out Of Their New Habit

So, you've decided to take up vaping. You probably arrived at Vaping because you're an ex-smoker. Well congratulations on giving up smoking, it’s one of the best things that you can do for your health. 


In this article, you will find five great tips to help you get the most out of your habit. These tips are useful and you are sure to find at least some of them helpful.


1. Make sure that you buy your vape juice from a reputable source, such as the This will help you to ensure that the product you are buying is safe. In the UK, there are laws in place back govern the content of the juices and the reliability of vape devices. By choosing a UK based store, you are insuring that the products you buy a safe product.



2. Finding a decent e-juice is half of the battle when first starting out as a vapour. It can be quite difficult to find juices that you like and you will have to try many different juices before you find your perfect juice.  Again, another great way to find your favourite juices is to visit your local vape shop. Many Vape shops, such as the vape Shop Beckenhamhave taster sessions where they allow you to go down and try out numerous different juices. This can be a great way of trying out reduces without having to go to the expense of buying them.


3. Juices can go off. Many people don't realise this when they first start to vape and this can mean that they end up vaping juices that don't taste very nice and they don't realise why.  If your vape juices appear to change taste as your faking it could be that the juice has passed its use by date. You generally can't get ill when vaping juices that are out of date, but they will start taste sour, and sometimes cheesy.


4. You need to understand that the different ingredients within vape have a different effect on the juice.  Propylene glycol makes the juice less sticky and it has a hasher hit at the back of your throat, but it won't clog your device this much. Vegetable glycerine is sticker and can sometimes clog your device, but it gives you a smoother throat it and it produces thicker vapour. Nicotine gives you a buzz, but too much can make you feel anxious.


5. Make sure that you check your battery occasionally. Lithium batteries can be dangerous if they start to leak. Anytime spot a leak with your lithium battery, swap it out, and don't risk it.

Enter A Vape Shop And You’re On Your Way To Healthier Future

If you have never smoked before, but you would still like to give vaping a go, there is absolutely no reason to get addicted to nicotine. There are many blends available that have no nicotine at all and you can then concentrate on choosing the best flavours for your taste buds.


Even if you are going to make the transition from cigarettes to e cigs, you may not even need to choose the same strength as you were used to because vaping is quite different from smoking cigarettes.



I know it may be daunting for you to enter a vape shop kent for the first time, but they are in the business of selling all you need and they will, therefore, be very helpful in getting you to choose the right equipment.


Although vaping has been around for a relatively short time, there are still a vast array of pens and e liquids to choose from and rather than getting all your information online, there is no better way to get to grips with equipment than to talk face to face to a real person.


Moreover, if you get good advice from a knowledgeable person, it is said that vape stores have done a lot to get people off cigarettes and take up the less harmful vaping habit.


If you are really serious about giving up the smoking habit, you should never attempt it all by yourself. I have a friend who has tried it many times by chewing on lozenges whilst still smoking in between. You will need support and encouragement.  If you approach e cigarettes the right way you will not want to go back to tobacco.


Besides, lozenges and patches or simply going cold turkey are all very unappealing prospects so you should get the right advice. Because the medical profession is now generally more favourable to vaping than smoking you could actually enjoy a new experience.  You are still doing things with your hands and you will still get your nicotine shot.

What’s In a Name? Understanding Vape Terminology

When you first start vaping, it can be a little confusing. There are so many different aspects to the habit that it’s easy to get lost in what can appear to be complex terminology. Well, if that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to explore some of the terms that we use within the vape industry. By the time you reach the end of this article, you'll know how to wax lyrical with the best of them.



This is an easy one – it’s just the think that you use to vape. Devices come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, but when someone says “device” they’re simply referring to the thing you use to vape.


Pop into any E cig shop London, and you'll see just how many types of different device there are – tonnes. If you're new to vaping, stick to the basic devices to start with. The bigger devices are complex and it can take time to get the hang of them. It’s frustrating when you're a beginner and your device is too supped up.




Easy – this is the part of the device that stores the e-juice. You fill it up whenever it runs out. Sometimes the tanks are fully detachable, and sometimes they only have an opening.


Tanks also come in a range of sizes, but in the UK, you can no longer buy tanks that can hold more than 2ml of liquid at a time.



The battery provides the power to heat the coils to heat the juice – without it, you wouldn't be able to vape. The battery is normally the biggest part of the device. They tend to be made of lithium. This means that there are some safety issues around them. Lithium batteries have been known to explode. They’re the same batteries that we use in mobile phones, so the risks are about the same (which is to say, it’s probably not something you'll encounter, but it’s worth keeping in mind). Just check your battery regularly and make sure it doesn't leak or have signs of burning. If it does, dispose of it safely and buy a new battery.



You'll find the coils somewhere in the device. They’re simply heating elements that draw their heat from the battery. There are different types of coil, so we won’t go into too much detail. The important thing to know is that the coils heat the e-liquid (and different coils do this in different ways) and this creates the vape. Coils usually need changing every now and again.


The e-liquid

There are hundreds – maybe even thousands – of vape juices you can buy. The best vape London is a matter of personal taste. In other words, don’t let people tell you “this juice is the best” or “that juice is the best”. Juices are like food, people have different preferences.


5 Things to Verify When Buying a New Tank for Your Vape Device

If you're buying a new tank for your device, you need to make sure that it’s compatible, both with the device itself and with your needs and preferences. Below, you will find a list of five things that you should be checking when buying a new tank. Follow this advice and you'll manage to buy the right tank for your needs.


  1. Make Sure the Tank Is Made of Glass

First, it’s possible to buy tanks in a range of materials. The best material is glass. Plastic can leech chemicals into your vape juice; it can also absorb flavours, so even if it’s safe, it can taste like a mix of all your vapes, which isn’t necessarily nice. Metal tanks are just stupid – we've seen them used rarely and they always become prohibitively hot.



Glass is the best option, and in particular, a glass tank, such as the Smok TFV12 UK. Pyrex glass is the best option because it is heat resistant, meaning that it is less likely to crack or break than standard glass.


  1. Choose a Sub Ohm Tank

Sub Ohm tanks will give you a better vaping experience. They allow you much greater control over the amount of vape you can produce. This means that you need a sub ohm if you want to create big plumes and clouds. The greater control over the vape juice means that you can get better flavour control. You can make them richer and deeper, or more subtle. It depends what your preferences are in the moment.


  1. Make Sure the Tank Fits Your Device

You might find an awesome tank. It has all the features that you're looking for, but it has a major flaw: it doesn't fit your device. Then you have to either buy a new device (expensive) or throw away the tank (also expensive – unless you manage to sell it). Find out before you part with any cash whether the tank fits, or not.


  1. Check the Air Flow

The amount of airflow through the tank has the same effect as the sub ohm in the respect that it gives you greater control over taste and volume. Choosing a tank with a nice range of airflow options, like the Smok TFV12 UK, is definitely worth your while if you're a juice connoisseur.


  1. Check the Size of the Tank

Finally, check the size of the tank. In the UK, we are regulated by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). That means that we have to conform to certain rules and regulations. In terms of tanks, we’re restricted by size. UK retailers are not allowed to sell tanks that are larger than 2ml.


If you come across a tank that is, we recommend that you avoid buying it because it means that the retailer isn’t adhering to the law, or that they come from a place with fewer restrictions, which means the product may not have been exposed to the same degree of safety testing as UK-appropriate products.